Why Doves?

single white bird

Wings of Love snowballed after a single White Dove came to us wanting help on a very cold winter day. We were putting up the Christmas lights and the weak bird let us catch it and we brought the little dove inside. Not wanting a sick bird in our home with an infant, I it took it to the veterinarian the next day, along with the puppy to get his shots. The Vet showed me several teeth marks he found in the Dove's belly where it had been bitten by either a cat or dog. I decided to keep this dove until it got well and then set it free. This White Dove brought a spiritual gift into our home that holiday.

It was as an emblem of peace, joy, and love unlike I had ever noticed or experienced prior. My baby's first real word ended up being "Birdie" I named the white dove Bethlehem. He cooed and warmed my soul with hope. In the spring when I let Bethlehem loose to fly free his feathers fell out as he made it to a nearby tree and stayed so long I went and fetched him up and took him to a different Veterinarian. This Vet explained to me this was a domestic Dove it would never be a wild bird. Someone had actually released this dove cruelly possibly for a wedding? A few years later my father was able to catch a White dove under his front porch swing.pair of doves

My Father asked if I would like to put it together with Bethlehem. When I did I noticed it was an Arnold Schwarzenegger size next to Bethlehem. I named the bigger bird Star who is Rock Dove which can be released like a homing pigeon, able to fly finding its way back home. This got my mind thinking why? What was the mission and message of these birds? My first thought was to warm a graveside in the winter snow. Recently after that my fortune cookie reading stated YOUR BUSINESS IDEA WILL BE A HUGE SUCCESS. Wings of Love was founded in the year 2003.

Why do I release? Because I love to share the beauty of the White Doves. Their presence at any event speaks for itself.

I am a nurse and have found the White Dove is healing for those who have complicated grief after a loss called bereavement.

The White Dove is symbolic of the holy spirit which exist prior to one getting a physical body and representative of the holy spirit moving on after the body expires. same level of care in every aspect of our service for you as well.

Areas Served

Wings of Love serves Utah's Greater Salt Lake City Area. Give us a call for more information: 801-636-1072, or email us at Wings of Love.