Wedding and Commitmentswhite doves and roses

White Doves have traditionally symbolized love, fidelity, peace and prosperity; they are the perfect symbol for the union of a bride and groom. 

Whether hand released by the bridal couple, released from a beautifully decorated basket by selected members of the wedding party, or a surprise release just as the celebration kicks into high gear; a live white dove release is certainly one of the most spectacular and memorable aspects of any event. Gorgeous dove releases are the perfect way to create an instant photo white dove weddingopportunity for your guests and are always the highlight of any event.

Wedding dove releases are an unforgettable crowd pleaser, adding all the fluff for all the extra ooh's and aah's!!  The releasing of two white wedding doves by the bride and groom symbolize the newlywed couple embarking together on a life long journey. Additional white doves represent the support from dove weddingfamily and friends as they send the newlywed couple on their new journey.

We are devoted to our birds and dedicated to

presenting professional white dove releases. We look forward to working with you to help present an event of a lifetime!

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